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Andrew Halton of Key Legal Video is a Notary Public of Pennsylvania and legal videographer located in Mechanicsburg, PA serving the video production and presentation needs of plaintiffs; defendants; attorneys; paralegals; legal assistants; other legal professionals and their clients for (but not limited to) the following case matter: aviation accident; amputation; bicycle accident; birth injury; burn injury; car accident; catastrophic injury; cerebral palsy; complex litigation; concussion; construction accidents; delayed diagnosis; medical misdiagnosis; electrocution injury; industrial manufacturing accident; loss of consortium; loss of mobility; loss of a loved one; mass tort; maritime disaster; medical communication error; mesothelioma; motorcycle accident; negligence; nursing home abuse and neglect; pain and suffering; paralyzation; pedestrian accident; personal injury; police misconduct; premises liability; products liability; property damage; slip and fall; spinal cord injury; stroke; social security disability; train accident; traumatic brain injury; truck accident; vehicle accident; wrongful death; workplace injury; and workers compensation. While on-location video deposition services are limited to the local service area of South Central Pennsylvania, all other production and presentation services such as: site inspection; damages documentation; day in the life; activities of daily living; poster board and digital timeline creation; settlement presentation / brochure for mediation; expert witness presentation; summary judgement presentation; case narrative presentation for expert review; and trial presentation are available to clients nationwide in such cities as (but not limited to) Albuquerque, NM; Alexandria, VA; Annapolis, MD; Anaheim, CA; Anchorage, AK; Arlington, TX; Atlanta, GA; Aurora, CO; Austin, TX; Bakersfield, CA; Baltimore, MD; Baton Rouge, LA; Binghamton, NY; Boise City, ID; Boston, MA; Buffalo, NY; Chandler, AZ; Charlotte, NC; Cherry Hill, NJ; Chesapeake, VA; Chicago, IL; Chula Vista, CA; Cincinnati, OH; Cleveland, OH; Colorado Springs, CO; Columbus, OH; Corpus Christi, TX; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; Detroit, MI; Durham, NC; El Paso, TX; Fort Wayne, IN; Fort Worth, TX; Frederick, MD; Fremont, CA; Fresno, CA; Garland, TX; Gilbert, AZ; Glendale, AZ; Greensboro, NC; Harrisburg, PA; Henderson, NV; Hershey, PA; Hialeah, FL; Honolulu, HI; Houston, TX; Indianapolis, IN; Irvine, CA; Irving, TX; Jacksonville, FL; Jersey City, NJ; Kansas City, MO; Laredo, TX; Lancaster, PA; Las Vegas, NV; Lexington, KY; Lincoln, NE; Long Beach, CA; Louisville, KY; Los Angeles, CA; Lubbock, TX; Madison, WI; Manassas, VA; Memphis, TN; Mesa, AZ; Miami, FL; Milwaukee, WI; Minneapolis, MN; Nashville, TN; Newark, NJ; New Orleans, LA; New York City, NY; Norfolk, VA; North Las Vegas, NV; Oakland, CA; Oklahoma City, OK; Omaha, NE; Orlando, FL; Philadelphia, PA; Phoenix, AZ; Pittsburgh, PA; Plano, TX; Portland, OR; Raleigh, NC; Reno, NV; Richmond, VA; Riverside, CA; Sacramento, CA; Santa Ana, CA; San Bernardino, CA; San Antonio, TX; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; San Jose, CA; Scottsdale, AZ; Seattle, WA; St. Louis, MO; St. Paul, MN; St. Petersburg, FL; State College, PA; Stockton, CA; Tampa, FL; Toledo, OH; Tucson, AZ; Tulsa, OK; Virginia Beach, VA; Washington, DC; Williamsport, PA; Winston-Salem, NC; Wichita, KS; Woodbridge, VA; and York, PA. Communications are best exchanged by email to


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The most common digital exhibits for purposes of litigation (that require interactive witness commentary) are diagnostic images, videos, and photos. For document exhibits, we recommend presenting a paper copy at time of deposition, then adding the digitized version to the depo video in a split-screen display with callouts and highlights.


Because depositions can be exhaustive and boring. You’re making the effort to improve this experience by creating a VIDEO deposition. Now you just need to maximize the opportunity by adding every visual possible that will ENGAGE, INFORM, and COMPEL your audience to act. Then you’ll have a seamless, comprehensive deposition for expert review. With the exhibits added to the video before trial, there’s no chance of fumbling the presentation in front of the jury.


I can provide a laptop (MacBook Pro), mouse, and monitor at deposition. When you call the exhibit during questioning, I will present the exhibit for the witness. If the exhibit requires recorded interaction, then I will create the screen recording video. You are also welcome to use your own equipment to facilitate the presentation and capture of the exhibits yourself. Should you need equipment beyond this offering, then please contact Capitol Support to discuss your presentation needs.



This fee covers the cost of video receipt, optimization, creation of new video file, export, upload, and online storage, hosting and access. This fee is measured by multiplying the length of the video file (in minutes) by $1.25. For service requests and more detailed pricing information, please send an email from your work/law firm email address to


The video is played for the witness during deposition for reaction and Q&A.
Examples: A screen recording of a doctor or expert using a mouse cursor to identify key areas of particular medical images. A clip of another video deposition, dash or traffic camera, phone video, social media video, etc.

Photos can be presented in physical form then scanned to show any physical markups or annotations made by the witness. Screen shots or freeze frames are also presentable.

Mark the document as an exhibit. Present to the witness. Have the court reporter scan and send for editing.

Callouts expand a specific area of the exhibit for an expanded or focused view.

Highlights are typically used like a highlighter marker on a document in question. Highlighting sections of an exhibit effectively draws attention to key words, phrases, or areas of importance. Different colors such as green, yellow, red, etc. can signify importance or correlations.

Markups can include applying an arrow, circle, label, date, name, etc. to an exhibit to more clearly identify what’s being discussed.

There are many ways to apply a custom edit such as facial blur for identity protection or lifting shadows in photos or videos to reveal hidden details. Just reach out to share your needs.